Elephant Valley Project

It was fully booked, but we managed to squeeze in. My anticipation for this new adventure began boiling within me. We were in Cambodia during the wet season. So the clay roads were slick and became an unexpected obstacle. The excitement happened quickly. We were in the car for only 10 minutes and we took... Continue Reading →


Kayaking with Dolphins

Our day began around 8 in the morning. We would soon find out how good our kayaking skills are. It was me, my niece Ahna, two British gals, and our tour guide on a half a day trip. Our truck ride there was bumpy and long, but we made it. Butterflies began in my stomach... Continue Reading →

Take a Step at a Time

Old French Lighthouse  Once we reached the lighthouse in Kompong Chom, I was excited to overcome my fear of heights. But as I looked up at the so called 'stairs', my heart plummeted. The top was high up there, where the wind blows more and harder.  The stairs were more like ladders attached with flat... Continue Reading →

Flying into Phnom Penh

The  buildings look pristine, covered in gold. Buddhist statues covered the inside, where many can pray to them. Two snakes with eight heads led the way to many different kind of royal palace buildings. I was left in amazement. In this bustling city of Phnom Penh, it still holds a bit of beauty. In the... Continue Reading →

Burrowed Truth Part III

My vision is foggy, then it begins to clear. I'm surrounded by grey boulders and I'm leaning against a rock bigger than me. My head is pounding and I grasp at it. Then a buzzing starts ringing in my head and picks up speed. The pain just vanished and I feel completely fine. No, better... Continue Reading →

A Day Dedicated

My energy has been depleted. It was a long night, but I learned a lot about the others I was with. Now it is onward to Stockholm, to begin our new adventures in Cambodia! Once we start our journey, my nerves will calm. As of right now, my throat is sore with anxiety and it's... Continue Reading →


My mind has been on overdrive for weeks now. I feel this festival needs to be more organized, more booths, and more everything! As time has passed with my mind on high speed, we have 20 tables, 2 workshops, 4 bands, and 2 activities for kids, plus face painting! I'm excited and worried at the... Continue Reading →

Beloi Viewpoint in Greece

As we progressed up the mountain in our rental car, the weather drastically changed. It was just raining, but the higher we got, it turned into snow. The winds tempo became erratic and harder. Fog had descended onto us and snow was coming down in spurts. My gut feeling said, "Don't do it!" Suddenly, we... Continue Reading →

Burrowed Truth

The sound of water crashing against rocks woke me. I sat up quickly, drenched in water. I realized I was on a beach, but where. The sun's rays beat down on me, while I try to grasp what had happened. I touched my back. I fill with relief, my sword is still there. My head... Continue Reading →

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