Arequipa, once again- February 3rd, 2014

Back in Arequipa! New destination, Puno! Many people I have met, have the same idea. It´s going to be a party! I finally have walked my shoes to their death. What a sad day! The Massachusetts girl noticed I still had my shoes, I had to get rid of them. There was no saving them, so I left them at the bus station when we finally arrived in Arequipa.


When I was in Lagunas, I made up a story about this old stone run downed tiny church. The outside was a bit charred from some kind of fire.

Back in the 1900s it was built, some of the villagers converted to christianity. The others hated this new religion that was being forced upon them. One day when mass was being held, the locals that were against this religion, revolted. They threw torches into the church and locked in the worshippers. Children, women, and men, all screaming and trying to get out. But to no avail. They parished, and now what is left is this blackened church now empty and unused.

The German and Swed ruined this story by asking so many questions. Why? How? Is that accurate?

They are such children…


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