Ayahuasca- Lagunas: January 14th, 2014

This was not something I would have gone out of my way for. This thing supposedly cleanses the body, but in doing so, makes you feel like shit. Puking, dizzy, and alot of waiting…

We stayed at the shaman´s for 4 days:

first day: Ayahuasca

second day: Recovery

third day: Ayahuasca

fourth day: Recovery

Now the first day, all of us did it, and it wasn´t so great. Our recovering day, we took a bath together next to a well with buckets full of water. What a sight! Three white people in the shaman´s backyard pouring water over their naked bodies. That was a first for me. Taking a bath with a man, especially two, and no funny business happened. It was like we were children again, splashing eachother, and not being weird about our nakedness.

The German and I decided to try it once more. That´s when the visuals happened. I could see a castle, with high walls, and a draw bridge. It was locked down tight. But I wanted in, slowly the draw bridge came down. Then the gates began to open, then the door. I was finally in, but which way do I go? I tried the left hallway, the grey stones the only thing I could see. The hallway never ended, so I returned to the beginning. This time I took the right hallway. After a bit of time, I came to a Imprisoned heart. It was in a cage. As I stared at it, it started to beat. I watched as smoke came out of it, wondering what was going on. Then suddenly, the cage broke open. I had freed it! It grew wings, and flew away! What a trip!

When we took this, we had to put alcohol to our lips then spit it out. Tobacco was used to help purify it or something like that. It didn´t smell good that´s for sure.

The shaman is seventy six years old, and blind! He seems to be a very off kind of fellow. Well, off to Iquitos!

Shaman House


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