DAY 4: Amazons- January 13th, 2014

So, in the middle of the night, in the second night, we got flooded. We had to hurry and set up camp once again in the rain at 4am. Once the day started, we went walking through the jungle. We saw a truantula hanging out on a tree and also other insects. The guides cut through the jungle with their machetes, showing us the way to where ever we were going.

The third night, we also got flooded, moving camp again. The water just kept rising, so not much for walking today. We did make it to a gigantic tree, which one of the tour guides climbed, then was followed by the german, and then the swed. Not me, no way, too clumsy ecspecially that height.

Cards has been a big filler for time. Asshole, the german way is what we have been playing. It tends to make the German and I butt heads at times. Ï´m the President, suck it!¨ The swed ends up as the middle man, he gets to enjoy watching our bickering. It´s a good thing the German speaks spanish, because neither of us do. We found out in the black water, you can swim and it´s safe, or so we were told.

Twice, we enjoyed the cool water in the heat. The last time we jumped in, we saw a tarantula on top of the water. The German with his curiousity, got closer. It suddenly dived into the water. Spiders do that (at least tarantulas do)! We all started swimming frantically back to the boat. That was close.

Toucans, many other birds, and some dolphins are some things we got to see. Then of course, me being me had to bring up. ¨Did you know dolphins rape people 14 times out of the year?¨And of course no one believes me…

I guess, it was an article and they don´t have any evidence to back it up, but chimps are known to be violent involving sex acts. So why, if dolphins being so intelligent, why wouldn´t they have violent sex?

Moving on, around 8pm, we were taken out on the boat to go and see some gators. One of our tour guides just jumped into the dark murky water. He is gone for about 5 to 10 minutes, while we are sitting in darkness. He comes back holding a 4 month old gator. Of course, we ooh, and aaahh. It´s scales feel so soft, we try taking some pictures but the flash isn´t working the greatest.

Earlier that day, a river that we walked to was overflooded. There were fish everywhere. We got them with machetes! How badass are we? ! We ended up getting 8 (most caught by our guides). What adventures in the jungle! We learned how to make fishing rods, learned how to make our shelter, and how to make fire as they did when it was pouring! We are amazing! Now we are the pros of the jungle! Hear us cackle as if we were the thunder!!amazon



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