Gringa! – January 24th, 2014

It must be my pasty white skin that keeps drawing the peruvian boys to me. At first, I felt special. But it has gotten old fast. All the whistles, honks, and cat calls. Then there are some of the boys, that are getting a bit too fizzicle for my taste. Just because I don´t speak your language doesn´t mean I´m easy! 

I´ve decided, I must just smell of sex… That´s why the guys flock me, but once my German and Swed are around, they scatter. Like cockroaches underneath the couch, hiding in the darkness. 

What cowards… If they liked me more than sex, they wouldn´t scamper away. Pathetic!

Now my blood has come to a boil. ¨Don´t touch me!¨ Maybe I should learn that in spanish. 


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