Iquitos here we come!- January 18th, 2014

I´m on a boat! I´m on a boat!

It has been a day on this boat, and we still have about 1-3 days left until Iquitos (the biggest city in the jungle). I have been hearing that the people in the city are beautiful. 

I´m going to find a handsome guy, that´s funny, and he will take me on a romantic date, and when he dazzles me with how the night is going, I will fuck him. Ohh, what a dream.

Ohh, America, how you destroy my image. Being American, I have been the butt of so many jokes. So there´s a Swedish, a German, and an American… Well it sounds like we are a joke… Hmm…So far it has been just that. It is interesting when our cultures collide, and we forget that not everyone does some of the things that happen in our different countries. 

The German and I like to bet on meaningless things. Such as, Yogi Bear says, Ï´m not your average kind of bear.¨First of all, this show is american, maybe it´s not a good idea to bet an american with an american character. Well, he lost, I got some wine for winning, YAY! 


When I started getting a bit tipsy though, I thought it would be fun to pick a fight, with the German. Did I mention, he´s a cage fighter. Not one of my brightest of ideas. He ended up just picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. I´d say it was a draw…


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