January 7, 2014

Gocta WaterfallsIn Yurimaguas, Peru (near the Amazons). It is beautiful here, and all the people are so welcoming. I found out that I´m considered exotic here because of my porcelian skin (oh, lucky me)! Slowly, I´m picking up on spanish, not many people in this town know english. My thoughts are a bit scrambled. I started my journey December 30th, in Lima, Peru. What a big city! 10 million people, 10 million people all bustling the streets together. It makes me suffocate! All these buildings, all these people.

I met up with my friend, (the only reason I came to Peru) and we ended up partying in Lima. Drunkeness captivated me, and some hit ons happened. Next day I was awoken by partying still. At the hostel they were still up and going strong. For about 15 minutes a guy talked to me about my eyes and, ¨How pretty they are…Wow…¨Oh, pleeaase… After that, our journey really began. We stayed at each town or city about a day or two, then moved to the next one. We were making great time, seeing so much. We saw Chan Chan, the Moche temples (Huanaco del Sol y de Luna). Also, we saw Kuelap, which I might add was AMAZING! It is this city that was built by the Vikings in the side of the mountain. The next day we went to see the Gocta Waterfall in the pouring rain. But a rock slide happened so we couldn´t get any closer to it.

Silence is what this trip has been filled with. My friend doesn´t tend to talk very much. For only knowing him for a couple of months, it´s quite a leap to take to start traveling together in a different country. What was I thinking… So good so far…


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