…Puno…Next move- February 5th, 2014


Boredom has a heavy weight on my shoulders. What to do, what to do. Three ladies, now possibly going on different paths. But of course we will see eachother again. I will wait, until the Irish couple get here, then off to Bolivia! A new adventure.

It seems I´m always someone´s sugar momma. It began months ago, in the states. I never have that much but I have enough to help others. The first couple of times, being sugar momma and all. I got paid in sex, which was fine for me. But now, I´m not getting anything!¨Whoa whoa, someone´s gotta pay the sugar momma!¨

On this trip the Swed has kept me happy, making up for the German. Before I even knew the German that well, I became his sugar momma. I also was the Swed´s sugar momma. Then once we went our separate ways and I met up with these two girls, The Australian, and massachusetts, I became their sugar mommas. This is a weird cycle… I´m going to have to go hunting for my next prey, I´m getting hungry…


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