The Journey Ends…- January 26th and 27th, 2014


Wines, bets, and cards, is how we pass the time. The math game with cards or asshole. But now, our trip has come to an end. The German is going to Ecuador, travelling alone once again. Now it´s just me and the Swed.

We both go to Lima together, have a bit of fun. Once we make it to Lima, we stay a little longer together… Then a goodbye fuck.

I´m on my way to Huacachina near Ica. Travelling alone, but already I haven´t been alone for very long, kind of disappointing…

I kind of miss my two european buddies, no more loud yelling with losing a game, no more jokes on my expense, and no more pointing to be rude because the Swed just loves it so much.



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