Lake Titicaca


The Australian, Massachusetts, and I went to Lake Titicaca. We went on a boat to one of the floating islands (Uros). It was pretty much just there for tourists. I’m glad I saw it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.Seeing how the people lives are just for tourism was sad.

The three white girls are famous once more. A group of Peruvian men want pictures with us, along with a Peruvian girl. We comply, one more trick for the monkey’s to do. “Dance you!” Sometimes I feel as if I’m in a zoo, getting oohed and aahed over. Flashes going off everywhere.

Yet another Peruvian man trying to win me over. I don’t understand, I’m wearing baggy clothes ( they’re not so flattering). But the guy decides to buy me a bracelet. Jesus is on a pink wooden cross, surrounding him are pink beads and plastic silver crosses. I try telling him no, but he insists. If only I was religious…


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