Drink, drink, drink!

Alrighty, I have a plan and a headache. Hopefully the strike is over so I can leave this boring town of Puno to La Paz, Bolivia. 

I met up with the Irish couple last night, and of course there was drinking… But I have learned! I only got a bit tipsy! Yay! 

I don´t know what it is about me, but if someone asks me personal questions, I just answer brutally honest. My past gets pretty mucky, but people are enthralled by it. ¨You were left home alone a lot when you were little? And you were locked out of the house how many times?¨ ¨Well, yeah, and a lot…¨

¨You´re only friend was a camera?¨ ¨For a bit, yeah.¨

I guess I am not ordinary. I mean, I hitch hike, have train hopped, been homeless. But I love what I do! I embrace my past, it has made me who I am… A bit off… Wacky… That´s me. Normalcy, what is that!

After the Irish folk and I went our separate ways, I started headed my way back to the hostal.

Wait, what is that? I hear music. Of course my curiousity gets the best of me. I follow the noise, and find the locals dancing in the street and playing instruments. Everyone had those things that you twirl in the air that clank. 

Once I decided to leave, I realized, I had no clue where I was. So with my perfect spanish I tried getting directions. ¨Donde…uhh… Bothy Hostal?¨ A local man lets me know that I´m very far, spacing his hands as far a possible. Another tourist, but still a peruvian guy walks me back. 

He looks like a nerd, so I know I´m safe. We end up getting lost together, I guess that´s better than alone. I almost walk into the DANGER ZONE! But nerd man stops me. I´m glad I know what danger is in spanish. Me being me, I question it, ¨Why? Por que?¨ Sometimes I´m such a child. Give me answers for everything.

If I don´t speak someone´s language, it´s like we are playing charades. He acts like he has my backpack on his shoulder and it getting snatched. ¨Someone will steal my bag!¨ Yay! I got it right! Gold star for me. We decide not to go that way.

After getting wrong directions from many locals, I recognize where we are with my spidey senses.

Finally, the hostal, a bed, sleep.


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