La Paz, Bolivia- Get Hammered!


The three of us gals have now separated. What a sad day! But what timing, the Irish couple are also going to La Paz.
I awoke to find vomit on my shoe. I’m guessing someone must have thought it would be funny to throw up on my shoe because it can’t possibly be mine! Even though last night’s a bit foggy… and I did mix my drinks…okay you got me. It was me. I’m the culprit.

Night after night, drinking ensues. Wild Rover Hostel, how you wrecked me last night! I don’t see how these people can do it day after day. It’s cheap here, so that helps with the drunkenness.
Next mission, don’t drink! Can she do it?


In the morning, we are going on the DEATH road! Dunn, dunn, duuunnnn!
Will I survive?


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