DEATH road…

I survived the death road! I end up wiping out once. That’s pretty good for clumsy me. Body over the bars, I’m flying! No wait, the ground is getting closer. Great just great. Death road, you tried to take me on, but failed miserably. I’m alive, a bit beaten, but a live. And I even got back on that horrible man made object after resting my bruised body and finished with flying colors!!
Madness, what a company.
The day started out cold, but as it became later, the layers came off. At one point, I realized I was going to drive through a waterfall. Wetness, so much, wetness. But what an adventurous ride.
We ride our bikes and come across a landslide. Our trip must be over. But wait, the tour guides are throwing stones into the mud. They’re going to ramp the vans. About 5 vans in a line to ramp this sketchy mess. They all make it! And of course our vans were the best!



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