Salt Flat 3 day trip!

Day 1:

Uyuni,Bolivia,the Salt Flats, the water connects to the sky. It´s as though this is the edge of the world. Anything can happen here.

The salt rocks hurt, but we bare it to make silly weird perspective shots. I meet two Brazilian boys and three German girls. Right away, I get along with them (one of my talents), ¨Thank you, thank you!¨

Another boy wants to be brought down by me. ¨Damn my scent!¨ Now, I have this awkward, Brazilian attracted to me. At least this trip is just three days, you can´t break hearts in such a short time, I hope. Then we will go our separate ways.

Day 2:

He´s such a sweet guy, but I will eat him up. Then spit him out when I´m done playing with him. It´s not something I´m proud of, I just know how I am. I need someone who can handle my hardness. ¨I guess that´s one way of putting it.¨

Day 3:

This Brazilian and I have some short lived relationship, but it´s fun.

Last night was freezing! My naked ass outside, waiting for this awkward boy to stop giggling. First time for me when a guy giggles while we are having sex… I didn´t know what to think about it. He is very inexperienced, but is a good lover. Another weird thing to me. We finally get back to the hostal, and many are awake. Shy guy is embarrassed, but I just push through the door. Then he is embarrassed about having sex while sharing a room, well, not me. We are at it all night long!

In the morning, he was the one that iniciated sexual things, I create a monster! Down my pants is his hand while we are in the car with his Brazilian friend and the three German girls are sitting in front of us. Now the tables have turned. I was not expecting that.

We did say our goodbyes, even though he wasn´t really for it.

Oh me, oh my!


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