Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go!


Oh man! We are getting ready for the mines. We all are looking sexy in our hard hats, pants, and long sleeved shirts. The company is Big Deal owned by miners, so they know what’s up.
The mine is huge! Our guide explains there’s about 38 companies in this mountain. I take a deep breath and begin the journey inside. At times it gets so tiny, I just start to crawl. This is really testing my claustrophobia. I’m going to be crushed to bits, I have to go back! No, no, it’s all in  my head. Calm down. Breathe.


I always have to overcome my fears, it’s what makes you stronger.
Now, it’s time to climb the ladders straight up. Don’t  look down, just keep moving. Wow, these ladders are never ending, but finally I make it to the top and I’m the first one! Yay! We hang out with the god of mineral for the miners, which looks exactly like the devil for Christians. Coca surrounds him and is in his outstretched hand. Also, empty 96% alcohol bottles are scattered at his feet. They are all offerings to this god. He has an unusually large penis for fertility. His marble eyes glint from our head lamps and his mouth is in a wide open toothy grin. A rolled tobacco cigarette sticks out of his mouth. I wouldn’t want to be in this dark cave by myself with him, that’s for sure. He gives me the heebie jeebies.



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