Ojo del Inca (Eye of the Inca)

I meet an Argentinian boy and a Spaniard. I’m invited to a hot spring with them! What fun! I can already tell the Argentinian is developing a crush on me, saying I’m a nice girl. Then he realizes I’m a bad girl, he can’t put his finger on what I really am. You poor ignorant boy, don’t play with fire! He doesn’t know anything about redheads. We’re soul eaters! I’m a succubus! But the Spaniard knows, he’s wary of me. Good!
The three of us are joined by a Chilean girl and we start our 20 minute walk up to the eye of the Inca hot spring. We make it to the top, and it’s breathtaking! The hot spring is more like a small lake, surrounded by mountains. Absolutely gorgeous!


Automatically, I want to stay here, but my hands and feet have the water sucked out of them.

They are covered in thick wrinkles, time to get out.
Later that day, at a restaurant with the boys,

a local tells us how about four or five people disappear from that hot spring. They are not sure why, but he thinks they were impure for the Eye of the Inca. I’m glad I made it!


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