4 Nights, 3 Hostels

The sexual tension is almost unbearable between the Swed and I. Every time we are around each other this happens.
He arrives at the hostel I’m staying at, La Casona, Potosi, Bolivia. When I see him, I’m filled with excitement. He looks darker than the last time I saw him. His green sweater really makes his eyes pop. The smile that he gives me makes my lower region tighten. We hug, then I find out he is staying in my dorm.
I crawl into his bed with him. It’s nice to cuddle once again.
I must of had a sexual dream because I start grinding against him. He reciprocates with his fingers. I awake, washed in lust. It becomes harder to be quiet. He brings me to climax, then stops. What an asshole! He does this two more times and I want to scream.
The next day, we get a private room, and I get what I demand. We go at it for about a day. The day ends with Thor (a game on my phone). What a champion!
Four nights and three different hostels with the Swed. Just seeing him without a shirt is hard for me to resist. Seeing those muscles brings the animal out of me. My hands explore his chest, then slowly venture down. I start to play with his belt, then undoing it. Now for the last obstacle, his pants. Easy, unbutton, unzip. No matter how many times I have done this, it still feels as though there’s a prize waiting on the other side of this fabric. He just watches me with those piercing turquoise eyes.
I’m the one in charge, he’s being so submissive. We start fucking, his brown dress tickling my back. We are like rabbits, we keep going and going.
The days end together, but we will meet again. He is a weird one, that Swed. He didn’t even say goodbye, he just left.
A loner, that’s what I would call him. Its not a bad thing, actually I think I prefer it. I get sick of always waiting for others. With him, he’s ready whenever, wherever.
Now he’s off to work in the mines, that crazy guy. He’s going to rack in the money, then get a wife, and have about five kids. Probably then divorce, all in one month. He wants to be a genuine miner. Oh the life of a miner in Potosi.



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