War Zone, Run!


Sucre, there are pieces of water balloons scattered everywhere. It’s worse than yesterday. There’s a metal tower in the middle of the park, where the Bolivian kids wait at the top for their next victim. Today the gringo team is more prepared.  We make our homemade squirt guns out if water bottles. The German guy’s gun says Terminator and he made a strap out of duct tape. Very professional looking!
Massachusetts and I put our war paint on, we’re ready! I make her the avatar, while she makes me a kitty. Great just great! We get to the park, the six of us, ready for action. We buy bags after bags of water balloons. I chuck one from the top of the tower and hit a boy on the head. It soaks him, he’s pissed!
Water balloons are flying everywhere! We regroup, then we get surrounded by the older Bolivian kids. They are everywhere, slowly creeping closer with their ammo ready in hand. Retreat! Retreat!
We are pulverised! My clothes are drenched with water and foam. But I think we did pretty good for being only six gringos against an army of highschool kids. We’re the warriors!  “Warriors, come out to play!”



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