Momma’s Coming Home!

Four more days until I’m reunited with my baby! Come here! Clyde the KILLER!
I’ve had my dog for six years and this two month trip has been the longest away i have been from him. I think I’m addicted to my dog, but its okay, he’s addicted to me too.
My dreams having been the greatest lately either.


I go back, and my dog doesn’t recognize me. He snarls and barks at me! How horrible!

But now I’m so close! Only a little longer until I see his asshole face!
This new city Santa Cruz, I don’t like it (it’s a big city). It reminds me to much of South Cali., but I thought I’m supposed to be in Bolivia! What’s going on!? It’s modern, and there’s clothing shops everywhere! I can see meatheads and bros! Uh no!



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