The City of Plastic


The city is covered in plastic. Some even have metal sheets in front of their stores. It’s going to be a massacre!

” There was a firefight!”

As Willem Dafoe would say, if he was here. Foam, paint, and water balloons galore.
The population here is 1.114 million, that’s a lot of party going down. This feels like the biggest city I have been in Bolivia, but I know that La Paz was bigger. It’s must so sprawled out here.

So I just had a very vivid sexual dream and now I can’t even act upon it. It involved this Brazilian guy (the Brazilians catching my fancy, always) I met that doesn’t speak very much English. I hope I wasn’t making any noise, because I was sleeping in a dorm. He was a great kisser, and man, in bed, amazing! For some reason, in my dream, he could speak English. I guess I like to hear my guy talk. He was like me, liked sex and acted upon impulses. So he had sex with this other girl in my dream as well…He was the guy version of me… Shit… That is how I am…


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