Splish, Splash, Carnaval

March 4th, 2014

Well, the Carnaval in Santa Cruz, Bolivia was full of ink and foam, I was a purple smurf! With my ninja abilities, I got away with spraying foam at two police men. Oh sneaky me! The kids saw how ready I was with each hand holding onto a foam cans and my front pockets filled with ink bottles. You wanna mess with me? Bring it on! I was ready for battle.
I spray a child with the foam, then a little later, and gang of older children come for me. UH-NO, RUN! I can’t see! Foam in the eyes doesn’t help with the fight!


Last night, there was ten of us tourists, sticking out like sore thumbs. We went exploring the painted streets, watching the locals chase each other with water guns filled with paint. At times, the noise was deafening to the ears. The bands of trumpets, tubas, and drums, pass by us.
Everyone was just about covered in ink. The Brazilian couple and I were the worst, we looked like we went through a car wash of paint. I was in the fight and got some in the group in on it. Then my creations turned on me! NO! In our group, I have been now the outcast. GET HER!! I guess, I was getting out of hand…

Oh, the power!! Muawahahaha!

The next day, I felt my hangover, as if my head was a nail and someone had a hammer. Before I went to bed, I took a shower, then a long sleeve, along with pants. Turns out, that wasn’t enough to avoid the white sheets becoming purple. I forgot the most important thing. My hair, it was covered in purple. Damn it! Now I have to pay! Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

My face, hair, and body still have remains of the ink. That Swed of mine has made it to the hostel, and now is just staring back at my stained face. I’m ashamed. I lost the war, and he knows. The two of us are suppose to get some food, but he resists. ” You’re dirty, go clean.”
“But, I have tried, it won’t come off.”
“Go clean.”
“Are you serious? Let’s just go. I’m hungry.” He gets out of the pool and looks at me in my clothes. He grabs me and I protest, but to no avail. “Nooo!” SPLASH! I’m in my pajamas and now soaked in the pool. He goes to his backpack, then comes back into the pool with a bar of soap in hand. It has now become our own private bathtub. Yay!
Splish, splash, I’m taking a bath! He helps me, by scrubbing my face raw. I feel like a kid again, now don’t forget behind my ears. I’m presentable again, all expect for my hair, but if the Swed says it’s okay, then I guess it’s good enough.
Since it’s the carnaval, everything is closed. But not the Cinecenter! The arcade! Yes! We play shooting games and Tekken! MY FAVORITES! Finally, it’s time for a movie. We end up getting two GRANDE bags of popcorn, and this Swed, I found out, is a popcorn monster! He finishes his popcorn, the pop, then mine! Watch out kids, he’s unstoppable!


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