St. Patty’s Day Vs. Key West

Saturday in the Key West. There’s green wherever you look. Drunk people plague the streets. It’s the Duval Crawl! Both of the sides of the street are covered in bars. You get kicked out of one, there’s another one next to it. Because it’s spring break and St. Patty’s Day weekend, the police are out in full force.


My ma and I enjoyed people watching. We saw an ostrich on a bicycle, some old ladies that showed off a little too much skin, and many people doing the tipsy walk.
A ladies wrinkled flabby skin moves the opposite direction as she when she dances to and fro. What a sight! It’s mesmerizing, it’s like watching an accident happen, you can’t look away!
Some hours pass, we have been bar hopping, finally we are at our last stop, Dirty Harry’s bar. I met some of the coastguard. Just imagining them in their uniforms, gets me all excited! Right away, I’m attracted to the one that’s from the Bahamas. Those muscles just make me want to melt! I gulp down more beers and now can’t resist the urge to touch him. Such a nice chest, those muscles! If only I had a spoon. Then I could gobble him up!


Good thing pops isn’t here. He would have a heart attack! He’s a bit of a racist… Not good. I guess I can understand because of his childhood. He grew up in Ohio, when segregation began. But at his school, he was the only white boy. His four sisters were sent to a private school, but not him.
Everyday, he had to walk to school. One day, the black girls beat him up, strip him, and sent him on his way back home, naked. Other times, the black boys thought he was hitting on the girls from the school. He was chased all the way home. Everyday, a new obstacle appeared for him to conquer. He sure didn’t win them all, but a hatred began to grow in the pit of his stomach. He made a few friends, but most of his life was filled with beatings, humility, and disrespect.


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