The Family of Hicks…


Two more days, and off to start a new adventure! To Arkansas, where the hicks roam, and so does some of my family. I have hillbilly blood running through my veins! 

“It’s true Chad, you’re half hillbilly.” – Allison from Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

At least I don’t have to worry about my hunger for sex bugging me in Arkansas. I will just be stuck in the middle of nowhere with my family. And no, I’m not into incest, you sicko! Just because it’s a place filled with hicks doesn’t mean they all think that backwards way. I actually like my family that is stuck in this tiny town in the middle of the woods. It can be a nice getaway. Once my family gathering is done, it’s time to go to South Dakota, where I grew up. Oh, Home sweet home, I will see you once again. 

It has been almost a year since I have been to that black hole of boorishness. It tends to suck people back in, even though you don’t want to be there anymore. But it won’t get me this time! I’m going to escape before it has a chance! HA HA! You can’t beat me! 


My friend, Miss Pregos, has a welcoming home present waitng for me there. She knows me so well, she got me a boy toy! Yay! What a friend! I better tell her he needs to be wrapped as a gift when I get there. Then I can unwrap him with my teeth! 

Being stuck in this RV Park of old withered up people with my parents, has kept me a good girl. But I’m getting nervous, my beast will be uncontrollable once I get to South Dakota. Oh, present of mine, you are in for a treat! It’s going on a month soon, without my appetite being quenched, but surprisingly, I’m still calm. But it’s always calm before the storm hits. It’s just waiting for the right time I guess. I haven’t had the devil tempting me here with his chiseled abs and his inviting smile. Ok, calm down Danielle, just calm down! 


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