Life Changed…

April 13th, was a new step in my life.
I was driving back to California, back to the country life. I was passing through frosty Wyoming, realizing it’s snowy out. I bring it down to around 55mph on the interstate. One of the only things I remember, is seeing a car pile up in the middle of the interstate. All I managed to say was, ” Aww, shit!”
My head must have hit my truck’s stirring wheel. The air bag went off, and my blood gushed everywhere. My dog must have fell to the floor, because he is completely fine. A policeman found me passed out 10 min. After the accident. I was pretty banged up, so I was helicoptered out to Salt Lake City, Utah.
They put me in a coma for 4 days, to help with my swelling head. After 10 days, I walked out of the hospital with 9 staples in my head, some bruises, and a brain injury that is healing. I’m alive! My balance has come back, along with my memories. Now I’m just stuck in South Dakota recovering, then I’m going back to California again. Never gonna give up!




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