May 7,2014
Another day stuck in Sioux falls, SD ( which is the town I grew up in). At least I’m healing quickly from the accident, so I won’t have to stay here too long. After this first month, I should be able to do light work! Yay! I’m getting closer to my old hard working self! My dog, Clyde the Killer, also survived the wreck. With not even a scratch on him. He just had his birthday 4 days ago, showing off how triumphant he is. 7
years old, what an old guy!

                                            May 9,2014
My near death experience has really conjured up some missing emotions I had. I think I’m finally getting sick of being alone ( which is crazy for me). I am passing all my tests for the accident, quickly and efficiently. It’s just because I’m so awesome! I’m healing fast, and noticing my math skills are now unstoppable! I’m use to doing things all the time, so this healing process is pretty boring. It is a little bit over 3 weeks since my car crash, and I almost feel back to normal. Once again, Dani has come back!
I’m ready for California. Oh, the bears, snakes, and mountain lions. Yay! Soon I will be coming for you!

                                          May 10,2014
I don’t know why this New Jersey/ South Dakota boy is having such a pull on me. It’s freaking me out! And he’s so good at picking up on my behaviors and very perceptive.
I mean, he’s learning things about me that I haven’t even mentioned! He’s picking up quickly on how I am, and he’s blunt about it. Even if I lie about something. How come he interests me, even though he makes my temper want to explode? I just don’t understand this brain of mine since the car wreck. I’m feeling vulnerable, and my emotions are popping out! What the hell?! That’s not normal me! But… I did almost die… Maybe I’m finally realizing I won’t live forever!! I better find a partner in crime! Oh, wretched me! I curse you!



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