Step over the Stones

                                             May 14,2014
Memory come back to me. I miss you in so many ways.


                                            May 17,2014
All the things I like to do are killing my patience! Drawing and writing makes my shoulders ache. But over time, I will conquer this game that is being played on my body. I am mighty!


I guess this is just a test, to see how much freedom I can with stand not having. My independence has been taken, legally I can’t drive anywhere. Hard work has to wait for my tender body to heal into the hulk I once was.
Since I was so close to the edge of death, my outlook on life and my goals have changed (or broadened). I mean, I have always secretly been a hopeless romantic, but the last time I acted upon that, I was 15.
Now, brewing in my mind are these feelings I am now getting. They budded before the accident, so at least I know it’s not this brain injury warping my thoughts. Yay!
What do you do when you can’t follow your urges, when someone brings emotions out of you that have been dormant for years (10 years to be exact)?


So many thoughts are filling my mind, all at the same time! Give me answers, invisible people! Tell me how to solve these riddles!
Adding sex to the mix really makes the cauldron fill with steam. Now what… Jersey boy is bringing me to a new level. With so many thoughts, my mind is trapped at a standstill. What do I do?


One thought on “Step over the Stones

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  1. I love the sign you made for Mary & Jesse at Sunshine Key. You finally have time to think about
    what you really want in life. Love you.


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