Confusion I consume you!

                                          May 20,2014
Impulses shutdown! Now brain, show me the way to my happiness.


                                          May 21,2014
Someday soon, this pain will dissipate and never come back. My stubbornness has learned its lesson. It could always be worse. I’m a survivor, a fighter! Soon, I will be me again. When that happens, I will laugh in the face of my weakness.
So many new thoughts have opened for me. Now I just have to learn how to decipher them.
                                         May 23,2014
Oh Jersey boy, what am I gonna do about you? My confusion keeps growing. I’m also becoming antsy for my day of escape. This problem, I’m not use to. Why is this being created when I’m injured and in a different state! It seems that nothing will come of this, even a friendship would be hard for me to bare. But I’m a strong lady, I can muster the skills of dealing with this! Self, you got this!


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