Bring on the Work!

                                        June 10,2014
First day of work, and my ass has been handed to me…

                                      June 14,2014
Everyday has been a new adventure for me. My body is healing, and the mountain does put a toll on it. But now, I’m slowly getting use to the heat and working. I just have to keep remembering, pace myself. It’s a good thing my Swedish friend is here, otherwise, I would have been all messed up from working more than my body can handle.
He is so sweet, the first day back, the heat rocked my world. A massive headache stopped me from doing anything, me being my stubborn self tried anyway.
” Maybe you should rest.” Reluctantly, I took the Swed’s advice. While I laid down, anxiousness to work permeated off my body, he stayed around the cabin, making me tea and fixing things. So I wasn’t alone. Soon, thanks to him, I will be able to be back to normal, I just have to be patience ( not one of my best qualities).
Yesterday, I ended up having to rest, I overdid it a little bit. So instead of us going out, we stayed in. ” You can’t take both things away from me! One or the other!” Riled me said to the Swed. He had to decide, either go out and not have sex, or stay in a have sex. Of course we know the answer to that.


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