Youngster Trapped, Broken

                                             July 19th
What is happening!? Keep it together. Wait, have patience. Healing takes time and your brain is taking it out differently. Good thing the Swed can take the duty of watching over a girl who doesn’t know how to limit herself.

                                            July 21st
” You got me babe!” My stubbornness is peaking. Four hours is the most I have been able to work in a day. Energy seeps out of my body nowadays. I feel like an old withered up lady. Even if I wanted to give in to the stubborn side, I wouldn’t have enough of a stamina to keep working.
Being hurt sucks! I’m not back to my usual hard working self. I just have to wait until this body of mine puts itself in gear to heal faster. But of course, out of all things, my sex drive is back to its merry high standard self. Now body, keep up!


                                          July 23rd
The restriction grows bigger, as I keep wanting to work as I use to. But my muscles and head are not completely back. They are on vacation, taking on the waves of relaxation. What lazy things!



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