A Babe on the Mountain

                                            June 28th
This weakness is emanating off my body. Go away, you helpless thing! It agonizes me not to be strong. But time heals all. I know I will overcome. And that day, I will be a champion!


                                           June 29th
We now have, Freya, the baby deer. My dog, Clyde the Killer, almost had her for lunch. But my Swed, saved her in the knick of time. Our smell is all over her, so momma deer won’t want her anymore. We have tainted her scent. Now we cab make her into our ferocious guard deer! Watch out, galloping towards you is Freya, the Destroyer!


                                                July 2nd
July is here, and the creek is dry. Now it’s time to start coughing up the cash for water. This is going to add up quickly! The heat has been coming in waves. If only it was actual water waves. Once noon hits, it’s time to break. Unless you want heat exhaustion, by all means, go for it!
To think, the next step I take with a guy is ending up getting a baby deer. Huh, interesting!
The Swed is almost too good to me. Where are his flaws?! And, he pleases me regularly. The sex is awesome! A consistency of chaos happens between my legs when he starts pressing my buttons. Here comes the waterfall!


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