Spreading too Thin


I have exerted myself too far and wide. The past few days have been filled with work and stress. My body seems to be pretty pissed. Today, I accept this defeat. I ache everywhere, and it’s time for me to slow it down. I knew I was going to overwork myself once my helpful Swed left. Now I have no rook to hold me in place. I will venture out into the rapids and be thrown around. At least I have once learned, don’t push my own self so much. Even if the nagging in the back of my head says, I’m being lazy. But I don’t want to be a broken piece of glass the rest of my life. I’m mending these pieces, and soon I will be whole again!

The sky filled with all kinds of colors. You could hear the crackling and shoot offs of the fireworks. It reminded me why America loves fireworks. They are quite similar to guns, and the destruction they leave behind… Of course America loves it, it is America.


My essence has been drained for the day. Pity for my weakness overcomes me. But I will get better! A stubborn woman isn’t so easy to stop. Remember that!


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