Wrong Doers

“It’s gonna be… alright. It’s gonna be… alright.” Once again, my life has been on a line. I just stopped in a town on my way to where I’ve been staying for groceries. Now, as I drove out of the market’s parking lot, I passed a house with a man in his late 40s, stare me down. A prickling chill went down my spine. I ignored it, which wasn’t the best choice. I made it about 8 miles and turned on the small highway. Now only 24 miles to go and that bed of mine is calling my name.
My truck had been acting shaky, literally shaking. Normally it’s not like that, but I thought I could at least make it back. Just when I made the turn, my left rear tire bounced off my truck! Somebody loosened my lug nuts, and here I thought I didn’t think have any enemies…


Well it’s a good thing it happened at the turning point, otherwise if I left it, I would probably come back to a dismantled truck. Oh the joy of being out in the mountainous boonies. At least about four vehicles stopped to see if I needed help. That put me on the better side of this tragedy. Five places to tow vehicles in this small town and none of them can make it until the morning. Luckily this lady is down to bring my exhausted self home. Until tomorrow, then this problem will be fixed. I will be waiting for that next obstacle awaiting me.


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