Bombardment of The Train of Feelings

What does the road hold for me now… Marriage… Another piece of life on paper. It feels as though it has begun entwining with another. My freedom is now limited, but for some reason, I don’t feel the need to escape. All the doors have been opened, and I finally chose one.
The spiraling staircase ride has started. Have a barfbag handy and a towel. It’s going to get bumpy, but what a ride!

Heat is accumulating inside me… This feeling is so new and still so foggy. It won’t let up. Over time I will get to see the new steps that have started forming. Where do they go? I don’t have a clue.


A day of rest for me?! Unheard of!? But yet, this Swed got me there. My body aches and is now oversensitive . This is what happens when a Swed teases you for a whole day. Giving you no release for that piled up sexual frustration.


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