Don’t Drink the Poison!

Arkansas, what an unusual place. But I have been there many times. I have family there, and my closest cousins as well.
Once we made it to Arkansas, it was around me and my cousin’s mutual birthday! But he’s two years younger than me. Still not old enough for the bar. Off we went to the craziness ahead.
I almost got gang raped, but luckily my aunt talked my boy toy into rescuing me. Yet another reason it is good I gave up the poisonous addiction of alcohol.
Onward to New Mexico, where we stayed on top of a mountain for a week at my sister’s friends. It was nice but as time passed, the trip spiraled downhill. It was my sister’s way or the highway. We stopped at places she wanted to, as long as she wanted to. But when it came to someone else’s thoughts on staying somewhere, it went unnoticed.
I resisted my urge on escaping her controlling ways. In Oregon, where the sand dunes are great and almighty. My sister and the scumbag were sleeping, boy toy was driving, and I was in the passenger side. Out of nowhere, smoke started billowing to the back, waking them, “Smoke! Smoke!”
We abruptly stopped in the small town on the bridge. The bus ignited. My dog was confused by the chaos. So he ran back into the fire infested vehicle. In an instant, boy toy jumped into the bus after him, and threw him out.
This town has some kind of law, when something out of the ordinary happens, they take care of the people. So, we got to spend the night in a hotel suite. It had a kitchen, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms. Four people and three dogs, it was great! The fireman chief’s wife the next day gave us a ride an hour away to get a rental.

We had that for forty five minutes and it got a flat! What luck we have!
I lasted until the end of the rainbow gathering in Washington. Which I only went so I knew how it was. And it was how I expected. The environment was trampled all over, and litter was sprawled out. Not all of the kitchens cared about being sanitary. I ended up getting sick. Oh, new age hippies, disgusting. Thus, my hitch hiking adventures with boy toy began!


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