Proceed with Caution!

Attention, there’s a forecast of… disaster! Past memories are creeping in, hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! My devious sister is back in my realm once again.
4 years ago, I tried being accepting of our differences. She was going through a divorce, support was needed. So road trip it is. My sister, my scumbag friend she was sleeping with, my weird boy toy, a mutual friend, and myself. Mutual friend dipped out halfway through the trip, but left his dog. 3 dogs and 5 humans, oh boy!
Now we were in one of the most hippie looking vehicles, a vw bus, custom painted pink. It was owned by a hippie, my sister, it figures. I was not to thrilled on looking like a hippie, but I was ready for the adventure.
The trip started in South Dakota, the land of farms and flatness. My sex urge was on a rampage once again. Boy toy had to give it to me on the trip. The five of us turned into four isolated together. I had no shame on that boy going down on me. We went to Arkansas,Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington.



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