Mind it or Not

A rampage begins in my head, leaving behind a thumping feeling in its place. It feels as though there are parts in my back that are cinched together. So if I move, it pulls, giving an infuriating pain. But, hold on, ” The end is near!” This all will end soon. I just have to believe it. Mind over body.

                                               October 5th
Ohh, the monstrosity! Stress starts to engulf me into a box. I can’t breathe! My air intake becomes shallow. Can’t, turn, back! Must not give up!


                                             October 10th
This random bickering has yet to erupt into an intense volcano. It is bound it explode. And when it happens, I hope it can be mended. I’m enjoying this. It feels like this was meant to happen!
This mountain is not helping with our staying sane with one another. But I have the traveling bug. I’m ready to descend onto our road trip. Breathe… It will come!


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