Engulf Me!


November 21, 2014
We are creeping on towards the Death Valley, where there lies a castle, a volcano crater, springs, Dante’s Peak, and many other sights to see. The road trip is going on a week and still is on a good note. Let’s keep it there!
Many eyes are on me, enjoying the trip through me. Sure everyone, I will explore for all to see!
A bombardment of feelings proceed to grow. This trip only seems to bring us closer. If we were an average couple, living in a van together would be living in hell.
Being full of wonderment about the new and exciting things is helpful. We are not going to burn out anytime soon!


November 28,2014
We finally had our first fight. The heat started perspiring out of our pores. But it was bound to happen when we drove about 36 hours straight! We made it to Arkansas in one piece though. Thanksgiving with the crazy family.


This head of mine can’t take this abuse! The eruption of words from everyone’s mouths all at once! I can’t take it! I feel as if the inside of my brain is crumbling from the chaos. So much intensity!
I’m used to living on a mountain, just two of us. Now, seeing so many people that are loud and boisterous is too much for my brain to handle. The pounding is accelerating into a roar. I cannot stop it! Yet another bad day.



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