Dream Come True?

Everything feels as if it has been put on a halt. Sadly, this trip maybe coming to an end. Money has become sparse. Crumbling within my grasp. I’m losing my hold, I can’t pull it back!

I may have misplaced my mind. What to do… Where to look… I bid adieu to you! Have a great life mind.

I have been chosen with six others to be thrown into a reality show. My back story, well I’m a professional sweeper. I didn’t want the director to know the truth. I watch properties, usually with a gun on my hip, and a knife on my boot. Besides me, there was a young teenage girl, two boys in their 20s, a little pudgier gal about 18, and an older mid 30s guy.


The trip started on a ferry in a swamp. New Orleans, Louisiana is where the craziness begins. My heart beats with such excitement, a new adventure! None of us knew what this trip held in front of us though.
It was a sad goodbye kiss to my hubby, but he was allowed to visit. Or so I was told…
Now this director, something seemed a bit off about him. I thought maybe I was just imaging things.
We finally make it to our destination, an old run down mansion. I briskly move toward the girls.
” Do you know what this is about? Why this place.”
” I don’t know. I’m feeling weird about this.” Replied the pudgy girl quickly.
A glint in the director’s eye gives me the creeps. Chills start running up my back. Those piercing eyes landed on me, one of the 20 year old boys, and then on the 30 year old guy.
” I need you three to grab some things from from the basement for everyone. ” He said with a hidden smirk. ” Please follow me.”


Suspicion worms its way into my head, but after all, we are the guests to his place. The three of us follow him with uncertainty down a grimy cobwebbed staircase. The stone steps made it colder down here. It felt as if we were going to a different world. An eery feeling crept onto my skin as we got closer to the bottom. Once we reached the end of the stairs, somehow he managed to be at the top. As if he had never left that spot. ” See you tomorrow! ” he said wickedly, then slammed the door. My heart immediately started hammering. One dim light was the only light left in the clammy room. The shadows that were on the walls begin to grow. They start changing shapes as if they are alive. The older man starts panicking. He frantically runs up the stairs, misses a step and his glasses go flying. His breathing quickens while his hands search the ground. Sweat starts dripping off of him, luckily he finally found them. His frenzy ends at the top, where he grabs the door handle turning it down times. No luck, we are definitely trapped. He ended up coming back down and then started pacing back and forth.
Suddenly,  two figures popped out of the shadows. Their faces were sunken in. It looked as if they were cloaked skeletons. They came at us! They cornered the man with glasses. A screech came from his mouth as they grabbed him. I watch, horrified as his essence floated to their open mouths.
More started piping out of the dark. Adrenaline courses through my veins. I look around and see a loose busted up board. I run for it, grab it, and hit one of them behind me. I’m able to block another, but more keep coming! I’m overwhelmed! I can’t see anything anymore!
I sit up, out of breath, perspiration drips off my brow. My heart is still beating so hard. What a dream!


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