Blundering Down

Memories of my past resurface as I sit next to my drunk father at a dive bar. Many times I had to drag him out of bars, and at 14 years old. I became a babysitter for that man once my license was in hand. What a chore, trying to bring that alcoholic man home. But don’t worry, I will drag you from your hiding spot. No hiding in the bathroom. Besides that bartender knows me oh so well.


The night life in Key West, FL., what a mess! So many people come to explore the oh so famous, Duval crawl. Wasted people go to bar after bar leaving the street a rampaging mess of drunkenness. In the end, you will be crawling!

Just another day awaiting for that sun to take me out! Who would of thought that I have new issues as we travel to new climates? I guess I figured, but I was in denial mode. I keep that in my back pocket on the regular. I like to forget that I’m a bit broken. Now off to our mighty pirate ship! Tharrr be booty!


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