Next Move…

My body feels like it could ignite a fire. I’m seething with unending anger. I imagine running toward him and showing him how it feels to be hit!
The only way not to do something drastic, is to keep my fists clenched. The feeling of my nails digging into my skin calms me. That little pain helps me think rationally once again.
When it comes to my nieces and someone hurts them, it brings out my inner beast.
I am a wild wolf momma, if you touch my cubs, you’re going to get up close and personal with my fangs!

But as this all goes down, I relearn how to breathe, and listen. Even when the back of my head is yelling for some action to happen.

I have said what needs to be said, now what moves will they make??

My own past isn’t a fairy tale, but I have learned, now that’s what must happen here.


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