Money, the Object of Evil

Snow erupts in the sky, and starts hitting the ground. It’s close to looking like that blinding fog that was 9 months ago when I had an almost fatal accident in Wyoming.
My adrenaline is pumping. I can feel it all over my body. As if it is playing a song with every hit it gives me.
We skid on the road about six or seven different times. And every time, my heart skips a beat. I steady my breathing once again. Good thing I have one of these handy dandy husbands to drive for me. I sure wouldn’t be able to handle this.


The smell of money seeps into the air. By looks, it’s gorgeous, but only in the grasps of the rich. Everything here in Boulder, CO. Is expensive! Hipsters lurk around every corner.
I have gotten compliments on my raggedy skirt I made when I didn’t have any money fora new one.
I wonder how many have a blind eye to this. How you need to have a pocket full of cash here.
Traveling, seeing, and experiencing new places helps round a person. It will not destroy them and keep them hidden away in an enclosed box, to only think one way. I have traveled with pockets empty well maybe some dirt. Without the burden of money, I learned of another way of surviving. I met so many good people, and it was one of my best eye opening trips. But having my hubby as my road dog has been amazing. And with our little crew, two cats, and my dog, Clyde the Killer!
Forward for our new adventure!



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