Inspiration Summons

Inspiration can come in many forms.


A piece of me feels lost, misplaced. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s a pull in me, but to where? A spark has flicked on, I must take action. Go into the vast craziness that makes my mind’s space. I have to unhinge my thought that has been pushed aside. Fix it, before life has gone down without it.

I don’t want to plunge into that murky hole. I will stay triumphant, and push forward.


Inspiration has peaked in me. Why haven’t I looked more into this corrupted government. My memory has scattered the pieces I use to know. Darn brain, you should be fixed by now!

This is how the conversation started, then we started talking about our inner passions. It triggered me, that lost thing inside of me. Of course, my dream, my passion for film. I went to a college for it, did a few films. But life had other plans for me. I’m slowly getting physically and mentally better ( from my car wreck), I should be able to chase my dream once more!


I was taught that the best writing is what you know. So far, in my life, it sure has been eventful. With a couple of near death car wrecks, going to different countries, hitchhiking, and being as low as you can go. I would say,  these are things other people could look at and learn from. Blaring down at an audience and letting it sink in.
Maybe take it all in and realize a bit of it in their own life.
Here I go, my first step (once again) towards those passions of mine!
                        Here I come!


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