Falling in Style!

Excitement engulfed my body. I even became giddy as I learned what I needed to do. My hubby and I threw our friend into the mix. What a great birthday present for that boy! Once we were seated in that small duct taped filled plane, it took a few tries to start. The longer it took, the more beats my heart missed. But finally, we lifted off the ground. Take off!

I watched my friends eyes get wider and filled with horror as we got higher in the air. I pointed out the wall next to him that had duct tape sprawled all over. I think he was having trouble catching his breath.

Everything was getting smaller as we approached where the clouds would be. We probably made it about  15,000 feet up in the air. Our last instructions were given as the professionals strapped themselves to us individually.

Then, the door was opened. My stomach dropped. Adrenaline hammered in my whole body as the wind whirled inside the plane. I looked at my friend and his eyes were wide and filled with fear. He was first. With his gaping eyes, he got one foot, then two out. Then, the guy he was strapped to, jumped!
No! I wanted to say, I change my mind. But, no going back now. We hopped where my friend once was. Next to that open door of intensity. My breathing quickened. I stared out that open door, having trouble comprehending what was to happen.


The ground was so far away. It felt unreal. One foot, two feet out. Before I could protest, we were falling! So much air, then I remembered, move my head to the side. It was happening all so quickly. Then my instructor pulled the chord. The parachute yanked us up for a second. A yip came out of me.
I realized, now we were soaring. As if we were birds, taking in all there is to see. Then I saw my friend, his instructor, and their parachute, gliding so freely. My heartbeat finally calmed. W even had a smooth landing! What a day! I got to see things In a different view!


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