Take a Stand!

Chaos is rampaging the streets.

No where to go, trapped! The media has left out much of the truth, making the problem to be something else. At the end, it actually breaks down to be about lack of education. The main thing to help kids grow and learn is suffering. We have been taking money out of it! We have had votes on it, and politics sway many people with their use of words. They make it seem as though what’s they are saying is a good thing. But in reality, their underline word in it, is take the funding out of schools.



America likes its people to be ignorant. I see our system for what we teach, has been dwindling.
Our kids should be high priority! Not left on a back burner! I want my offspring(s) (whenever that happens) to be very educated. Knowledge is a strength and a blessing. Some turn a blind eye to this, but this is an issue.
Look at, Boston, Massachusetts. Rioting is happening right now! The words coming from the media is a whole different story than from the locals. A friend of mine, who has lived there his whole life filled me in. The people riot because they have already tried other ways to be heard. It was left unnoticed. So they brought it to violence, and now the story has changed into something darker.
Their education system in that city hasn’t been doing good. Kids grow up and work on the street. Not very many options are left for them. So they stick with what they grew up with. Learning more things from the street than the schools. This is what a majority of people do in this city.



If we took into account the education, and gave it more funding instead of taking away. I think violence would soon reduce. We need to make a stand, for the children. In America, we are suppose to have freedom. But this is seeming like higher up people are holding down everyone below them!


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