A Sweet Harmony

Old memory

       The smell of honey & tea wafted into my nostrils, before I even walked into the front door. A gypsy leaning on the side of the wall, captured my eyes. Her sky blue eyes held a secret as she began dancing in the clouds. Underneath her, pyramids stood tall, some hidden in the shadows. My feet started moving into the gypsy house with out my doing.
       A few people relaxed inside the house. Chairs and couches were sprawled out everywhere. A melody enchanted me, making my body want to sway. Next to me stood a long tube connected to a translucent glassed bowl. It intrigued me, a hooka in a coffee shop, what a rarity.
       My eyes searched the room taking in the opaque curtains that lightly covered lamps. All my surrounding gave the room a feeling of peace and relaxation. A woman behind the counter held my gaze. She wore a black cloth over her hair. As she walked away, her little walk, turned into a sway. She fit right in here.
The clock stopped moving as I stayed here, things inside me moving instead.


        Smells of sage and lavender danced in the air. Playing with my body as if I were in a far away land. Pictures laid out sporadically on the walls. Even the bathroom gave off the feeling of tranquility. Everything felt right here. No on had to bother with the time, live in the present.


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