Written in 2008

         Tears dripped down her already wet cheeks, splashing onto her now damp paper. The only noise in the room was the clock ticking with every tear. Her eyes finally became dry and puffy. Her heart felt a clenching ache. No one would ever see this, she thought as she tightly hugged her notebook. A deep breath came out if her unknowingly.
Denial is a powerful thing, echoed in her mind.

Nothing would be the same again. She no longer can stare in awe and have so much passion towards him. A piece of her has died inside.


No one can ever get that close, not again. Her mind starts to disappear to the past, wondering if it could ever be, but the thought slammed her back into reality. Her wall of security would not allow that to happen. Her eyes travel the ceiling as she feels the  tears returning. She fights for control. No, she will not cry again. She is stronger than that. He heart has been trampled on before, so this should be easy to bare.


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