The Mind Within

                                          Written in ’08

Flags fly high above many clouded minds. They walk with their lives blinded. A daily trend that seems orderly. No chaos, it would the unknown. People can’t handle a new look.

Feelings rippled through my immobile body. Sin is such an easy thing. Lies, stealing, and eyes filled to the brim with lust.
Walls barricade my soul, leaving me as a hollow shell.


Eagerness is not always a good thing. Some go into situations too eagerly. They end up with a broken heart and a steel wall.

Rusty steels bars entrap my mind. Never letting me see what is hidden. Insanity? Is that the way it would end?

Some say your mind protects you from yourself. But to never know the truth, wouldn’t that make your thoughts false truths?

A caged mind never sounds good. Never to let new ideas in or to never open the mind to new things. What a waste to be stuck, never to explore or learn.


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