Fragments of life

Caution: Not suitable for family to read.
                                                                                                                                               Written in 2009
When two meet and feel that spark, it’s called love. But if only one feels it, What’s that called? Out of luck?

                   My insides bleed out. Betrayal proceeds to engulf me. Its eyes like burning flames                       eating away at my soul. A devil like laugh haunts every thought. No escape, not anymore. A cackle roars through the sky. Then a goblin hand comes down through the clouds lightning fast. It was only a jolt, but enough to put the knife into my back.

                                                                                                                      Written in 9/26/15
                                          Past memories are lost. Or maybe we actually never met. Thundering thoughts come whizzing by. It is all clear to me once again.
                                          Mischief and madness had caused it, that crazy day!
                                          Raunchy actions were taken. I ended up in a bed.
No coherent thoughts.                                         Clothes ended up sprawled everywhere.
       It was my first threesome. Me, a girl, and a guy.
                                         A lot of alcohol was involved.
Before the down and dirty began.
Some drunken guy friends came.
One tried to throw himself in the mix. We weren’t having it.
The spat began!
The other friend ending up dragging him away.
                  Thus, our adventure began…


                                                                                                                                 Written in 10/04/15
What a blow to my heart! And to think, this person was my so called friend. Someone I trusted. Even when many others gave up on him. I kept trucking along, being there for him.
But, I guess I was wrong for giving him so much trust.
There’s now now a sharp knife in my back!
I can’t stop from bleeding.
Out of everyone to do that, I thought he would be one of the last!
The walls will soon patch up. Getting stronger than ever. No one will get past my gates now.

I feel like a pile of garbage, all used up and casted to the side. What was I thinking?!


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