New journey Begins…

Written 10/16/15

        And a new adventure has begun. The ceiling is covered in colors and hand painted designs. I had been here before. A tea house made in Tajikistan, broken down, and rebuilt here in Boulder, Colorado.

The people here have a friendlier feel compared to cities. Although, money is present here. Much of the things here are nearly an arm and a leg. But being so close to the mountains leave a pleasant feel.

Voices echo through the building. Crashes into my daydream, then I realize there are people everywhere in here. Almost suffocating me. The bustling becomes more and more as many come in as if they were lined up cattle.

The freedom of the outside world calls to me. This is just too many people in the area for me to bare.

              This body of mine, feels useless at times. My head aches, from the hours of walking. I am still broken from the accident a year and 7 months ago. My hips hurt and now are thumping. What have I become? An old lady perhaps. I guess now I can people watch. One of my favorite pass times!

Written 10/19/15

A disastrous feeling comes in. Greed slams against the door! Proclaiming that it is the right way. Why are we like that? Can’t we see that living should be more than just money?

       A town made of tourists, where the prices are higher to appease them. But that makes an issue with the locals. There penniless pockets end up now having holes. Oh, Lake Tahoe, you are a gorgeous place. But yet you have been turned into another thing that makes money. To take nature and destroy it by making it part of a business tactic. What a shame!

Written  10/25/15

I have made it to that mountain where I had 6 months of solitude. Over time, I had spent over a year and a half on this somewhat stranded home.

Being alone, you tend to have a lot of time to think and reflect on yourself. In that amount of time, it made me realize, I was a horrible person when it came to relationships. So much I need to improve on. But I forgave myself for my passed actions. Now I’m moving forward to never be that unemotional inconsiderate thing of deceit, lies, and one’s own selfish gains.DCIM100GOPRO

I want to never be that way. I’m glad I have realized it before it could end my new love life. Every one needs some time to reflect on them self. No person is perfect and corrections to help you fit in your own life, so you can feel good about yourself is never a bad thing.


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