Mexican Trip


Some places here still feel authentic. But most of it has turned into a mini America! Big store franchises plaster the streets.
From a distance, I could see the sign for Walmart. Disappointment took over me. When going to a different country, I expect their culture not a replica of where I’m from. Here in Baja California, Mexico, many places seemed to have lost their own way. They have been bought up by big companies. As if, bigger is not always better.


The Swimming Hole
What a spectacular place! A tucked away nice little nook. On a broken path, we made it to our destination, and even with our car (the Champ). Hidden behind some gigantic rocks, was the waterfall with its pool. Looks like the locals are working on preserving the pool. Surrounding the outskirts of the pool were rocks that must have been put there. The pool will soon become deeper the more rocks added.
We climbed the watery slope, finding a beautiful landscape awaiting. The top was covered with moving water. Little waterfalls were scattered, tumbling with the current. Tufts of grass were sporadically spread across the view.  It left me a gasp at how breath taking it was.



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